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Representing 60% of the human body’s dry weight, collagen is part of all connective tissue, from the membranes of the eyes, to the fibrous material of the bones.


Collagen topical wound care products are ideal to support the management of wounds. Topical collagen sheet and powder products were formulated to keep wounds moist, while absorbing excessive exudate that may impair wound healing. Myriads of peer review articles have demonstrated that structurally intact Type I Collagen binds to several excessive proteases and inflammatory cytokines within exudates of chronic wounds, including neutrophil elastase, MMP-2, Interleukin IL -6, IL-8 and IL-1β.

Maiden Bio’s topical collagen wound dressings were engineered specifically to manage exudate absorption while maintaining a moist wound environment.  This capability within the management of wounds is known to create an environment beneficial for wound care, while inhibiting or deactivating excessive matrix metalloproteinases (exudate) that may impair wound healing.

Maiden Biosciences collagen powder for wound care

Not all topical collagen wound care products are equal.

FORMULATION, STRUCTURE and FUNCTION: Maiden Bio’s topical collagen sheet and powder medical device technical specifications are structurally formulated to maintain the integrity of intact collagen without denaturation allowing Maiden’s products to absorb large amounts of exudate. During the formulation and manufacturing of collagen topical wound care products it is important to preserve the chemical and structural characteristics of the collagen itself. Certain products that are on the market, such as denatured or hydrolyzed collagen, have had their original molecular structure altered. While these altered collagen products have been designed to offer certain benefits, at the same time, they lose certain beneficial properties of naturally intact collagen.

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